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Why Scrupp? Well, it started as an adventure game engine similar to SCUMM…

  • Now my blog uses this name.

Reduced Firefox Profile for Backup

The daily backup of my personal data includes my Firefox profile. However, this profile is quite big (mine is 1.4 GB) and changes daily, which increases the size of my backup significantly. When looking at the contents of the profile, the directory storage/default (in ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default on linux) was by far the largest one with about 700 MB. Inside, you will find Configuration data of extensions in directories named moz-extension*, General configuration data in about+newtab and moz-save-about+home, and Cached website data in directories starting with http (e....

January 8, 2023

Play GOG Sanitarium With Scummvm

Last week the psychological horror adventure game Sanitarium was available for free on GOG.com. It is a Windows game from 1998 and the download consists of a small setup.exe and a 1.3 GB binary file. As I want to play the game on Linux, I was happy to learn that ScummVM supports Sanitarium! According to the release notes, it will be part of the upcoming version 2.6.0. However, it seems to work just fine with the latest ScummVM 2....

June 11, 2022

Maleficent: Font Used in the Closing Credits

Whoever wants to know, the font in the closing credits of the movie Maleficent is called Raleigh. I think it’s beautiful!

September 29, 2014

Focal Length Statistics

When thinking about buying a new prime or zoom lens for your DSLR, it is good to know some statistics of the photos you have taken in the past. In this article, we will create a histogram of the focal lengths of all pictures. The method was tested on Linux. It might work on Mac OS X and Windows (maybe using Cygwin) as well. First, let’s create a CSV file containing information about the camera model, lens and focal length of each picture....

May 17, 2014

Automounting EncFS Using fstab

I’m using encfs to encrypt my data before storing it in the cloud, e.g., on Dropbox. Thereby, companies have no access to the original data. On the other hand, I should be able to access my files as easy as possible, including automatic mounting without the need to enter any password. At first, we need a custom wrapper for the encfs binary, which we will create in /home/me/bin/encfs: #!/bin/sh encfs --public --extpass="cat /home/me/bin/encfs_password" $* We need this wrapper, because it isn’t possible to provide encfs options in fstab....

July 8, 2012